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Adults attracted to teenagers
A group of teenagers hanging out. George Rudy/Shutterstock.com
Age-of-consent laws don't reflect teenage psychology. Here's how to fix them.
“Teens ...
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teenager smoking with peers
Why is the teenage brain so unpredictable? A neurobiologist explains
60 teenagers reveal what they think is cool — and what isn't — in 2016
Teens and the”Constant Pressure” of Social Media
Photo of teenagers with gadgets sitting on the floor against a brick wall.
Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Teenage Magazines
The Problem With Teen Characters Being Played by Adults
A Guide for Teens and Alcohol
Image titled Look Older As a Teen Step 1
Six ways to get teenagers more active – suggested by the teens themselves
Addiction Recovery Help for Teens and Young Adults
50 Meaningful Pieces Of Advice From Adults Who Were Depressed As Teenagers
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Pedophilia is specifcally sexual attraction to prepubesant children, so generally under 11 or so (before puberty) ...
The singer of a plaintive hit song from the 1950s croons 'Each night I ask the stars up above, Why must I be a teenager in love?
According to the Campaign for Youth Justice, teenagers should be kept to themselves in jail, like this. Mike Fiala/Hulton Archive/Getty
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I Asked A Bunch Of Teens To Tell Me Which Celebrities Are Cool And Not Cool And Here's What They Said
Why are so many adults reading YA and teen fiction?
Rude Things Parents Say to Teens
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As they learned, the hippocampus became more active in the teens' brains than in those of adults.
Inside the Phenomenon of Grown Adults Playing Teenagers on TV
Being a teenager in Singapore: Top 10 areas and places to hang out
Teenagers like to explore. Most do it without injury.
Fast foods advertisements increase the likelihood of teens eating such foods.
Is Teen Love Real & Can It Last?
Facebook is losing appeal among teens and young adults which is contributing to generally slowing growth for the platform, according to the latest ...
Teenagers as we know them today have only been a distinct part of the population since the 1950's. A burgeoning youth culture in film and popular music ...
I'm a teen but I still act like a kid! How many teenagers and adults have acted like a kid before?
Sentenced to prison for assault, teenage 'parachute kids' deliver warning to adults in China
Business Ideas Teenagers
Teenagers are impressionable beings that can become customers via social media.
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Let's cut the crap: Teens are like adults, except way less likely to ruin the economy/American democracy and way more likely to be on the cutting edge of ...
The Myth of Maturity: What Teenagers Need from Parents to Become Adults Paperback – June 17, 2002
Psychology Today
Organic gardening ideas attract teenagers and adults
"Teens are better learners, and stressful things will stay in their brains longer.
Taking Care of Myself2: for Teenagers and Young Adults with ASD: Mary Wrobel: 9781941765302: Amazon.com: Books
Teenage smoking is a problem of grand proportions because most people who get hooked onto cigarettes in their teens have trouble quitting as adults.
Teens Don't Watch TV—So Why Do They Love 'Riverdale'?
Teenage kicks
3 Basic Counseling Skills for Working With Teens
Social Skills for Teenagers and Adults with Asperger Syndrome 1st Edition
Taking Care of Myself2: for Teenagers and Young Adults with ASD: Mary Wrobel: 9781941765302: Amazon.com: Books
Using scans of brain activity, scientists were able to show that how teens' brains process emotions changes as they mature.
Many advertisers try to sell an image to teens rather than a specific product.
The 'old days' were when few were familiar with the word paedophilia, and
Image titled Deal With Your Teenager (for Parents) Step 19
Why I'm fighting to get teenagers into libraries
Facebook has gone to great lengths to attract teenagers onto its platform as its user base has shifted more and more towards adults.
Teenage fashion shoot
Should teenagers be tried as adults?
The Power of Young Influencers: How teen SM Stars are Shaping the Marketing Game
Teen girls socializing
"My appearance changed quite dramatically from high school to college. My hair calmed
“Goth” teenagers are sad, says science
How Coca-Cola targeted teens during the 2016 Olympic Games
'Your child is going to experiment': what teenagers really think
The Problem With Teen Characters Being Played by Adults
Figure 2 teens and social media
How parents can help their freshman teens cope with stress
A worksheet designed for intermediate adults / teenagers. KEY INCLUDED
“Blockers,” Reviewed: A Teen Sex Comedy in Which the Adults Get All the Laughs
Why Teenagers Are So Addicted To Technology (And What Parents Can Do To Help)
Pepe174 CC0 via Wikimedia Commons
The Anti-Depressant Book: A Practical Guide for Teens and Young Adults to Overcome Depression and Stay Healthy 1st Edition
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Despite fears, Ecig advertising doesn't attract teenagers to smoking
Adolescents and Young Adults
How do today's teens become the next generation of urban art fans and event-goers? TeenTix is easing the way in Seattle. Founded in 2004 by Seattle Center ...
Secrets of the teenage brain
Teenage Hormones and Sexuality